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Happen to be looking for that extraordinarily special gift for your little one? Check out these lovelies! This list of beautifully designed, unique toys for young children is filled with items that will enhance your child’s creativity and imagination while providing endless hours of entertainment! Some of these toy companies are based in Europe, but many ship worldwide. Pair a toy with one of our Cheeni embroidered dresses and you will have a perfect unique combination. 


Child In the Moon Wooden Music Box

What’s more nostalgic than an heirloom-quality wooden music box?  This charming, hand-painted music box plays a classic lullaby at the pull of a string, and dreamily depicts a young girl sitting on a crescent moon.


Princess and the Pea Set

This classic-style gift set includes a crochet princess doll with a hand carved wooden bed, complete with an array of patterned, stuffed mattresses, a pillow and a crochet green pea. Your little one will have so much fun re-enacting the tale of Princess and the Pea with this set!


My Little Armoire 


These stylish, lovable friends features a rabbit and a little mouse. Each little plush has cute patterned outfits for your little one's imaginatiadventures. It all fits inside a beautiful suitcase which is perfect to take the friends on outings.


Animal Folly Wooden Puzzle

Each piece of this premium quality wooden jigsaw puzzle has been hand-cut into the shapes of different animals. Your little ones will have endless fun with this 3-in-1 toy: play with the animal figures individually, piece them together in a puzzle, and play an animal ii-spy game.


Penelope's Birthday Party

Another adorable puzzle, but this one is ideal for 3-to-5 year olds who are just learning the concept of piecing a puzzle together. This wooden jigsaw puzzle with large-sized pieces features an illustration of various animals celebrating a birthday, with balloons, birthday cake, and presents!



Rainbow Stacking Arches

This colorful, wooden stacking toy is great for very young children who are still developing their motor skills. They can make a tunnel, experiment with building different shapes, or simply learn to stack the 6 rainbow pieces in consecutive order!


Blooming Fairy Fayre

Magic awaits at the Blooming Fairy Fayre! Take your tiny fairies way up high on the wooden ferris wheel, or for a ride on the colorful unicorns at wooden merry-go-round! Your little one will love taking their tiny fairies to the fair.


Wooden Toy Dr Kit

Allow your children to learn how doctors care for their patients with this charmingly illustrated wooden doctor’s kit. Children can learn to use a stethoscope, a reflex hammer, a gauze bandage, and more with the “pretend” wooden pieces and tools that come in the box. Encouraging your children to play doctor with this kit will help them feel less afraid when it’s time for an actual visit to the doctor!



This magical set transports your child and their imagination back to explore medieval times. Complete with a dragon, a castle, a witch, a white horse, and a treasure chest, your little ones will get lost for hours in this enchanted little kingdom.


Dancing Cat & Mouse in a Shoebox

This stunning vintage-style shoebox comes complete with a wardrobe, dressing table, a mirror, tiny hangers and gold cushions. Your little one can style the sweet little ballerina cat and mini mouse in their removable tutus which are also included.


Fabric Apple House

Play with six plush woodland creatures as they skip in and out of this whimsical, two-story, fabric apple-tree house. This adorable little set zips up into one piece when the animals are “sleeping.” Your children’s imagination will run wild with this woodland scene!


Mermaid Shell house

Dive into the magical world of mermaids with this fabric zip-up seashell, complete with a mermaid girl and her seahorse companion. The mermaid girl features a zip-on fin, allowing her to transform from mermaid to girl in an instant!


London Bus

This realistic, London city bus is painted bright red and comes with a plush driver figurine, it looks just like the real thing! Allow your little ones to experience some real life magic as they use their imagination to ride around the famous city of London.


Tea Set

There is no better way to bring your little one’s tea party dreams to life than with this charming woodland creature tin tea set! Enjoy tea and crumpets complete with forest creature illustrations on the 4 serving plates, 4 cups, tea kettle, and serving tray.




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    I have an 18 month old little boy, and he’s an angel, but I’ve gotten sucked into buying him a new toy at least once a week – and it’s getting ridiculous! He’s the only grandchild on both sides, so he gets spoiled by everyone in the family. I have decided from this day forward that we’re going to do a purge of his 3 otters toy box and donate all the things he doesn’t need/play with/even know he has. I have gone through tons of your posts (I especially like the parenting ones since I’m learning how to be the mother of a toddler!) and will be checking back regularly! Thanks for posting!!!

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