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It’s never too early to inspire a love of travel in little ones. My five year old daughter and I frequently travel the world together before bedtime. Reading aloud together each night takes us to magical, faraway places right from our own bedroom. Getting lost in stories that introduce us to different cultures and distant lands is a great way for us to connect whilst teaching her how to embrace the differences and to celebrate the similarities that we all share as human beings. Plus, research shows that reading to children from a young age enhances problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities, so what better way to inspire a global-mindset and a longing to explore the world at the same time!



Bella & Harry's Adventures

This heartwarming series has won the hearts of my daughter and I! These vibrantly illustrated picture books chronicle the adventures of a curious pup named Bella and her little brother Harry as they travel around the world together. This series is a fantastic way to introduce young readers to new cultures and customs through the adventures of these two lovable little Chihuahuas!




Lily & Baa in Paris

This cheerful read gives children a fascinating glimpse into one of the most idyllic cities in the world! Explore the delicious foods, classic architecture, and bright colors of Paris with Lily and her little sheep, Baa. The engaging illustrations and plot will instantly have you and your little one feeling as though you are right there walking along the streets of Paris with them. We can’t wait to see where Lily and Baa will end up next!




Pop Up London

 Finally, it’s your chance to explore one of the world’s most famous cities in 3D form right from your own bedroom! This vividly illustrated book with paper pop-up scenes is informative and charming for children of a range of ages. Some of the pop-up scenes are interactive, allowing the reader to sail a ship through the Tower Bridge, while other scenes are informative, offering a wealth of information about specific landmarks. Filled to the brim with adventure, fun, and information, this book is a delightful read for all!




This Is' Series

First published in the 1960’s but recently updated, Mirolev Sasek’s stylish & timeless children’s travel book series takes you on adventures through Paris, Hong Kong, Australia, Israel, New York and a handful of other captivating destinations. These thoughtfully illustrated books will keep you and your child engaged throughout each witty storyline.




Off We Go to Mexico

Learn spanish words and phrases with this charming, rhyming story. Explore glimpses of Mexican culture throughout each one of its colorful pages. The bright illustrations will take you on a ride through a tour of Mexico: swim in turquoise waters, listen to a mariachi band, taste the local culture, and visit a native village.





Where is Madlenka? Well, at a glance it would appear that she lives on an ordinary city block. But when Madlenka’s tooth is loose and she want’s to tell the entire neighborhood the news, we soon learn that her city block is just as diverse as the world itself! As we meet all her neighbors— a German opera singer, a French baker, an Asian shopkeeper, an African school friend— we also learn greetings in all their native languages! A delightfully cheerful book that depicts just how diverse our own backyard can be!




Tokyo Friends

 Take a walk through modern day Tokyo with Katie, an American girl who just moved to Japan. When Katie meets Keiko and Kenji, a young Japanese girl and her brother, they end up exploring the sights and sounds of Tokyo together. They learn about the different customs of each of their respective cultures and also discover all the ways in which they are alike.




This Is How We Do It

 This charming story celebrates the real lives of seven kids from around the world. The way kids play, the foods they eat, their daily chores, customs, and religions are followed from Italy, Japan, Iran, India, Peru, Uganda, and Russia. This is a great way to teach your children about the similarities and differences of cultures from around the world.



A Ticket Around the World

 In this story, a young globetrotting boy visits friends in 6 different continents, spanning 13 different countries. Each new setting familiarizes young readers with interesting facts about each country he visits, such as language, food, culture, and more. The unique format of this book, which includes maps for each country mentioned, is a great tool for teaching about the geography and landmarks all around the world.



 Everyone Says “I Love You”

 What’s more heartfelt that learning how to say “I love you” in an array of different languages from around the world? This clever book contains a pop-up with an essential feature from each location: “Nakupenda" through an African Safari, shout “I love you” from the top of the Statue of Liberty, and whisper “Ti Amo” from a gondola ride in Italy. Children will love learning how people express their love from around the world!




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