“I long to give the world a peek into the inner sparkle of every girl.”

My adventure began as a young girl, spinning to the sounds of flamenco. I met myself in the swirls, curious about both sides of my heritage––the playfulness of my Spanish-Andalusian roots and the artistry of my Indian legacy.

My hand gestures were just as important in telling a story as the music was to my feet. My fingers rippled like a flower opening and closing, giving the world a peek into its delicate strength and unrivaled beauty. It was in these moments that something whispered to my free-spirited, bohemian soul.

my inner radiance.

my inner glow.

my inner spark.

Upon the birth of my child, I was inspired to share these joyful experiences, blended with my beautiful new world as a mother. This inner radiance manifested itself into a collection of whimsical, handmade dresses that embodied the souls of courageous and confident women. Created specifically for the mothers who believe in the importance of teaching their children to explore, to be pioneers and to live with purpose, Cheeni clothing aspires to make forever memories (wash after wash), be comfortable and possess the most beautiful designs, all while protecting the environment and helping a charitable cause. Through this wholesome and unbreakable love for my daughter, the planet and all our children, I hope to inspire this inner radiance in each and every one of you.




“From the soulful artisans who make our products to the adventurous girls who wear it.”

We believe that girl power is the ultimate power.

We believe that the future belongs to the curious.

And we believe that courage and confidence lives inside us all.

That is why we are nurturing the inner radiance of every girl through the stories woven by women all over the globe. Deep within the fabric of each soulful dress lies their hopes and dreams, desires and powers, love and beauty. By creating this global bond between swirling girls and dancing tribal women who serve to inspire each other, we are each others’ sister.

At Cheeni, we create and curate products to inspire and support just this. One colorful piece at a time.


“A flower and a girl hold common mysteries––the unique power to

thrill and beguile, uplift and ground, stun and center, amuse and enlighten.”

A girl the moon chases and the stars wish for. A wild child with an adventurous soul that dances with the sun. A free spirit, a beautiful mind and a boundless heart that isn’t meant to be tamed. Not one to run away from adventure, she looks the unknown in the eye and gives it a wink. And just like the vibrant, mesmerising colors that effortlessly twirl on, she, too, freely flutters, soaking up her radiant glow from the languages that whisper to her and the cultures that caress her. Because while her beauty may be delicate, it is her magic that fuels dreams and brings to life the possibility of everything.



“No longer do we use our dreams for empowerment as dress rehearsals for the future.”


Created by Artisans. Cultivated from Traditions.

To inspire and be inspired. A simple adage that we hold close to our hearts and one that bounds us to India, the source for Banjara embroideries, hand woven fabrics and ornate block prints. It is this tribal tradition of artistry that brings vibrant beauty, exquisite craftsmanship and rich history to each and every one of our pieces.


Good For You...And the World

We believe in clothing that is made to age in the meaningful way it’s lived in without harm to your children or the environment around them. That is why we only use natural fibers and dyes that are free of toxins and synthetics to sustainably produce our handcrafted, artisan clothing. Our mission for sustainability not only actively invests in better products for your children, your planet and your loved ones, but also stands up for the people, places and creatures that may not have a voice, so that we can ALL live in a healthy environment that is comprised of a fair and kind system for farmers, workers and artisans around the world. Because our children depend on it.


Paying It Forward

Through this simple action of giving back, we are making an impact that will forever live beyond us. It is because of your purchases, we are able to give impoverished children all over the world a chance at a better life. We couldn’t be the ally we are without you.